My Favourite Photographer

I love photography! I planned to take a serious course at an art school before I had Blake. In fact, I was planning to take it during my first maternity leave because ‘what was I going to do with all that time otherwise?’ How naïve I was about motherhood then!

I still will one day, maybe when the kids don’t want to hang out with me anymore. For now, I have my favourite photographer: Marianne Rothbauer.

There are so many photographers to choose from and many of them are very, very good. The style of photography is also a personal taste; my favourite isn’t necessarily the best, it is just well, my favourite.

Some of my friends call me artsy fartsy, I think I just prefer the ones that have a little more something something than just making the subjects look good. I tend to be very nostalgic and hence am always attracted to images that capture the sentiment of the moment, and are able to invoke the feeling/emotion of the time when looked at later. I like lots of negative space in an image when done well.

Here is one we took with Marianne in 2012 for family portrait. Sorry I can’t share more as I still want to maintain a certain level of privacy.


Here is her website and you can check it out yourself:

Besides family portraits, I am planning on taking some self portraits with Marianne after I get my body back from this pregnancy and birth :).

Have you taken portraits of yourself professionally after you’ve had a child? I’d love to hear your experience.



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