My Dutch Dreams


It has been an insanely hot, humid week in Toronto! It looks like a hot, sunny weekend is coming our way too, perfect time for me to indulge in some decadent ice cream. Most of my friends have heard me rave about this ice cream parlor near St. Clair West: Dutch Dreams.

I have to admit my love for this place is a little biased. I lived in the Netherlands for 2 years when I was a teen so I am very partial to any dairy that is labeled Dutch; it is simply the best. The beauty of the Netherlands also made such an impression on me I still have dreams of wandering or biking in the middle of tulip fields, passing by cows and swans, eating cheese and apple pie underneath a windmill. The fact that this place is kinda Dutch already had my attention.

I am also a sucker for anything nolstagic. This is a mom and pops store that has kept the same looks and menu for 25 years. All the Dutch trinkets hung on the walls just add to the wimsy of the store. Love it!

Most of all, my husband Ethan took me there for one of our first dates, and I have to say it was a good move. I hope it will still be around when my son Blake grows up and he can take his girl there for a date. He just has to make sure she is ‘Dutch Dreams’ worthy!

If you can’t make it there this summer, don’t worry, they open all year around. We did visit this past February for a cup of hot chocolate, Dutch waffles and ice cream.

Here is the website:



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