Change of Season

Fall is my favourite season but it is always so short. Before you know it, winter is upon us. Here are a few things that can cheer me up.


I’ve told most of my friends that after Scarlett, I won’t have any more kids. After a long pregnancy and 55 pounds of weight gain, I could not wait to get my body back and start shopping because I will never be pregnant again. Unfortunately, I am still at the ‘not being able to pull my pre-pregnancy pants up’ stage. Living in maternity clothes postpartum is kinda depressing so I treated myself here. We can always use more makeup right? Especially now, only a major smoke eye can conceal the fatigue from sleeping 3 hours every night.

For those who know me, you know that I know my make up and skin care products. After a lot of research, this Too Faced palette (from Sephora) is what I landed on.


It comes with 20 eye shadow, two blushes and two bronzers, all for $68.00 which is amazing value considering a single eye shadow usually retails for more than $20.00. I have both Urban Decay Naked palette and some Two Faced ones and I have to say, I prefer the texture of Two Faced; they are more true to the pigments showing and they last longer. I can’t wait to play with my new toy when Scarlett is napping!

During fall, my skin also gets tricky. I have acne prone skin but it is getting drier as I age. I have never been completely breakout free and I have accepted that is something I have to live with. I am forever on the hunt and research for good skincare that doesn’t cause breakouts but can be moisturizing and anti-aging. Last year I discovered Eminence line and I have been hooked ever since. Here are two of my holy grail products:


A good moisturizer with SPF, not greasy, and no sunscreen smell or white cast. Great for all year round. Did not give me any pimples at all.


Really love this serum! It gives my skin a boost when moisturizer alone isn’t enough. I’ve tried many serums in the past and I was really not a fan of all that silicone. This one’s texture, smell is way better and it actually works, as in my skin does feel much better when I am using this.

I just realized there is a Power Ranger on the table after shooting the picture :). It is really hard to find an inch of space that hasn’t been occupied by toys when you have an active 4 year old boy.


What are some of your favourite products this season?


2 thoughts on “Change of Season

  1. Hi Rose! Love reading your articles, keep them coming! Just wondering where you can purchase the Eminence range and how much, the two products mentioned cost? Best wishes, Eimear

    • Hi Eimear, thanks for reading! You can get Eminence products from some spas in Toronto. I know Novo Spa in Yorkville carries the line. You can also purchase online from, I think orders over $75 get free shipping. They are a bit pricey so each cream, serum is around $65 but there is a generous amount and a little goes a long way. I used the Sun Cream since I got pregnant and I am only half way through now. If you ever take the kids to Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls, there is a spa in there and they carry Eminence products as well.

      Your kids are adorable and they grow up so fast!

      XO, Rose

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