My Favourite TV Show of the Season

Mad Men would’ve been an obvious answer but believe it or not, something else has grabbed the top spot on my list, despite Jon Hamm in his impeccable suits!


No it is not Breaking Bad, only because I have not found time to watch Breaking Bad. I know it isn’t fair due to my limited viewing repertoire, but hey, it is MY list and there is only so much time a busy mom of two can spend in front of a television!

Before I reveal the unlikely choice of winner, can I just say I really miss THESE gals. untitled (2)

I really do! Whether you hate them or love them, you have to admit they were the start of HBO series rivaling influences from movie sets. Their lifestyle was in every girl’s fantasies but they had every girl’s real life problems. Their fashion is the only show(that isn’t a period piece) that I have utter respect of. I miss them, enough said.

This may be to your surprise, but my new favourite is GIRLS!

untitled (3)

I can’t get enough of Lena Dunham! Her witty, genius script of course, not so much of her bare chest. Although the timing and situation of those bare chest scenes deserve some respect on their own, for depicting real life sexualities on TV. I mean we have been fed this romanticized, unrealistic image of sex with perfectly choreographed moves and shot at perfect angles, with the women’s hair perfectly blown out for too long…Do we even know or believe anyone who has sex in that way? Anyway, I digress!

Although I can’t relate to the characters much (due to a generation gap perhaps), I do feel that she IS the voice of her generation, with narratives that are being churned out at lightning speed! The show is perfect for the instant and oversharing age of today. It isn’t done as in ‘retrospect’; I think she literally experiences something today and goes home to write about it and produces it on the show tomorrow. There is no time lag! Its accurate, not shy (is this even an expression? anyway, you know what I mean) depiction of a generation that is thick on entitlement, dreaming in the biased life philosophy of Steve Job’s “do what you love”, but thin on practical skills and discipline to achieve any tangible goals is so beautifully done that I am genuinely impressed. It’s real, somewhat fair and not judgemental. It is also very, very funny, which is a great bonus!

So, after nights of sleeping sitting up (that will be another post another day on baby’s sleeping challenge), feeling too rough to venture out with baby, I can be in my pajamas, sans makeup and baby strapped on chest, and spend half an hour laughing and being educated on the youth of today. What a pleasure!

I would like to mention my favourite character – Adam! Yay Adam! images4ZPPA2SC

Quirky, intuitive, and undeniably a little weird but utterly genuine. He lives life by heart and NEVER overly intellectualizes anything – the complete opposite of me! That is why he is my favourite!

I can’t wait to indulge in this new season, Season 3 that just kicked off 2 weeks ago. This season will be a true test to Lena whether the show will seal its zeitgeist status and join the coveted list of SATC and such, because now after the initial character development and setting the tone, it is entering the most interesting and challenging stage of a show’s life cycle: how the characters grow up with time.

What is your favourite of the season? Game of Thrones? Downton Abbey?