My Week in Instagram



I have a love/hate relationship with babywearing. My shoulders hate it (trust me, it is not that I am not doing it right, I think it has something with the shape of my upper back) but then there is the moment I look down and I see this…



This past week was tough as my whole family caught stomach flu. My poor kid ended up in Sick Kids hooked to an IV for 24 hours. Finally by Friday, all the family members had been symptom free for 48 hours and my son wanted a treat. With Blake’s help, the milk chocolate chip cookie dough was all ready to be put into the oven.


Really impressed with Joe Fresh’s children’s collection these days, not to mention a great price!


Sunday morning skating with dad


Finally, after a crazy week, my wonderful husband sent me to get a massage. How thoughtful!

By the way, did you watch Jerry Seinfeld on Jimmy Fallon? I miss this guy’s brutal honesty. His opinions on parenting? I absolutely agree and love the way he said it. Here is a little laugh for this snowy Monday:

Jerry Seinfeld on Parenting

Have a great week!


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