A Look Back

Today was an ordinary day in my house, nobody’s birthday, not our anniversary. On our drive back from grocery shopping, we passed a restaurant we once dined in, before we even dated. Ethan exclaimed: “It has been 9 years since that night you tried to introduce me to one of your girlfriends!” In the midst of my afternoon energy crash, I tried to remember: “how did we end that night?” to which he wittily replied: “I married YOU”!

In our daily hustle and bustle, sometimes we really lose sight of the wonderful things we share in life, moments slipping through at lightning speed! Sometimes I wish I could capture all the images my brain fails to retain. So today, just an ordinary day, I took 5 minutes to take a look back and relive those moments…

First trip as a couple

First trip as a couple – 2005 Montreal

Paris! 2006

Paris! 2006

Wedding Day - 2008

Wedding Day – 2008


Family shot -2010

Leslieville - 2011

Leslieville – 2011

Family complete - 2013

Family complete – 2013

Thanks honey for an amazing 9 years! So excited for many more (decades) to come!


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