A Better Way to Teach Kids Emotional Intelligence – Books About Feelings

My son Blake is a spirited child, a boy full of passion but does not like to hear the sound ‘no’. Teaching him to regulate his emotions better has always been a challenge. When he is in the middle of a tantrum, he is too upset to listen to anything; when the tantrum is over, talking to a four year old about how to better behave next time has been very ineffective, at least for us. We were lost until a friend told us about these: books about feelings.

Our favourites are:



The benefits of these books are:

– They are fun stories to read. We read them during story time before bed and Blake thought they were just like any other stories; it was a good activity to do.

– They are about someone else so your kids will not get defensive. I know that Blake recognized the similarities between himself and the main character immediately but he didn’t resist because he felt it was about Miles or Sally, not himself but he understood the message.

– It is easier and more effective to remind kids in the middle of the tantrum. We would say “remember Miles?” Maybe because we are referencing a character in a book instead of directly criticizing him, Blake was able to stop and think about his action when he usually would not.

I have to say, we really loved these books and will probably search for more when  needed. The good thing is there is a wide selection of such books that address different problems. You can find them at Amazon.ca easily.

The only thing I need to warn you is that these books are good but not magic. Your child’s challenge will not disappear; they will not change overnight. The books teach them why and how but to actually improve ones action, it takes lots of reminding and of course, time and patience, for both parents and kids.

What worked for you? Please share your tips and success!



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