About This Blog

Why this blog?

My son Blake was born in June, 2009 and becoming a mom completely changed my life. I’ve also changed a lot since then, mostly for the better :).

Although I have not had an easy, sheltered life myself, I have to say being a mom has been the hardest and most rewarding experience for me. This blog is to share some of my thoughts and experiences throughout this exciting journey.

Another ‘mommy’ blog?

I know, I know there are so many out there!

This blog, different from some others out there, is not going to be about tips on feeding babies and how to make healthy snacks; we have plenty of good resources out there for those topics. I will blog about the topics that I care deeply about but are are beyond taking care of the basic needs of kids; topics such as education, emotional intelligence, work life balance etc. However, if I find a really good recipe for sugar free snack, I can’t guarantee it won’t show up here :).

Some posts may also not involve kids at all. I believe in order to have happy kids, we need to be happy moms, and there will be some that are about taking care of myself. Being a mom is of utmost importance to me and is a big part of my life, but it is not my entire life. I still have my own aspirations and interests and I think it is important to maintain my self identity. Hopefully one day when my kids grow up, they will appreciate me not just as a mom, but also as a person.

Who is this blog for?

Other than documenting my experience/thoughts for my own family, this blog is intended to be shared among my wonderful friends who’ve provided me support, insights and inspirations since day one. I also hope some of the posts will help some people (parents or not) out there, or provide some entertainment. I welcome you to provide constructive feedback or join some of the discussions.

This is not the blog for you if:

I find that parenting can be a sensitive topic sometimes. People have different beliefs and make different choices. There is more judgement out there than support at times. I intend to have this blog dedicated to providing insight and support so it is definitely not for you if you are:

– looking for a lively debate on topics such as breastfeeding vs. formula feeding, working moms vs. stay at home moms

– looking for a forum to pass judgement onto others so you can justify the choices you’ve made

I believe every child is different, every family is different. We are all just trying to do the best we know how. Granted there are some people who may not be as responsible but I doubt they will take a big interest in blogs like these.

About me:

– I grew up in Beijing, went to high school in Amsterdam and settled in Toronto, Canada before university. You may find that at times, I have a different perspective/view due to the different cultures I’ve been exposed to.

– I have a 4 year old son Blake, and one baby daughter Scarlett.

– My husband and I both work full time and although it gets hectic, we both enjoy being parents and having our own careers at the same time

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One thought on “About This Blog

  1. Great site Rose! Website address easy to remember when i want to read. You write so well. i will check out site from time to time. 🙂

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